NEW! WOODEXPERT – 3D CAD furniture design software

We simply could not have imagined a better opportunity than the 19th anniversary of our company on the market of CAD / CAM / PDM / ERP solutions to present our new – 19th! – software solution, this time created with the furniture industry in mind.


The 1st of March is a special date for us. Exactly 19 years ago we started our activity on the market of CAD / CAM / PDM / ERP solutions in Poland. Today, our team consists of more than 80 specialists who actively support the development, construction and technology departments of more than 2500 customers, universities and research institutes.

We could not have imagined a better opportunity than our company’s 19th anniversary to present a brand new – 19th! – our own solution, created with the furniture industry in mind. We have been working on it for many months, striving to create software that is the answer to the biggest problems of the furniture industry. We are proud to present WOODEXPERT, a completely new professional software for 3D CAD furniture design and production preparation, fully compatible with SOLIDWORKS.


WOODEXPERT is a professional 3D CAD application designed to save furniture designers time, generate drawings quickly, create extensive production documentation and automate CNC machining. Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS, it is the ideal working tool for Industry 4.0. Developed on the basis of the experience of the best consultants from the furniture industry and the powerful 3D SOLIDWORKS engine, WOODEXPERT has been equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive and clear interface.


The program features an easy-to-edit and expand library of predefined components that, unlike competitive solutions, does not require the user to have programming skills. The intelligent component insertion function with OpenGL preview allows rapid prototyping and precise modelling. WOODEXPERT allows you to quickly assign core and finishing materials to desired parts according to a user-defined scheme, control process surpluses, and create material legends with variants.

The database of 3D models includes : furniture connectors (dowels, confirmates, eccentrics, hinges), furniture accessories (handles, rods, feet), carcasses, drawers (including guides) and many others.
The function of technological collision detection and validation of materials and geometry is a great protection against manufacturing errors in the early phase of prototyping. Each furniture model is verified for correctness of materials, textures and processing.


WOODEXPERT gives you the possibility to quickly and easily generate documentation that is standardized throughout your company. With just one click you can create drawings for a large number of elements. The following operations are worth mentioning here:
– insertion of the necessary number of views
– automatic insertion of the wide face with the most machining as the main projection
– selection of dimensioning type for different material types: baseline, ordinate dimensions, hole table
– inserting the finished part, against the CAM format
– scaling of views
– alignment of the position of elements relative to the component or frame
– marking of veneers, both on narrow and wide surfaces, with indication of their thickness and index
– automatic marking of the board grain direction
– validation of the correctness of drawings, i.e. a list of all problems occurring during the generation of documentation.


Thanks to the BOM, a fully automatic production data generation process, which takes only a few seconds, provides the user with:
– a list of elements with assigned core and finishing materials
– list of fittings and accessories
– production data with gross and net dimensions
– the possibility of generating cost estimates
– possibility of assigning indexes with a search in ERP
– versioning of material lists
– predefined fields.

Production reports can be saved in any format supported by the enterprise systems and easily integrated into the ERP / PDM.


The integration of WOODEXPERT with SOLIDWORKS CAM enables a smooth transition from the design phase to the production process. The Technological Knowledge Base, which is an editable collection of machining parameters, defined tools and technological processes, allows the automation of CNC machining completely tailored to the user’s needs. The user can prepare plate cuts in NESTINGWORKS.


WOODEXPERT was created so that every company dealing with furniture design would have the opportunity to enter the world of maximally simplified, automated and user-friendly software, rich with new possibilities, saved time and great comfort of work. We offer a 30-day free trial of the fully functional software, combined with a presentation of the product, training workshops and specialist assistance during use. For this purpose, we invite you to contact us via the form on our website woodexpert3d.com, where you will also find more information about the software itself and the benefits of its implementation.

Time for change. Time for WOODEXPERT.

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