Thanks to WOODEXPERT the process of designing furniture, creating documentation and preparing processing for numeric machines gains a completely new speed and quality. Together with us you will increase the competitiveness of your company on the market.

Benefits for your enterprise



Working in an environment integrated with SOLIDWORKS, you can save up to 60% of standard design time in 3D software. With a shared database, information created by one user can be used across all workstations.



Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, the software fits perfectly with the idea of integrating intelligent machines, systems and processes. The structure of the files and data created allows it to be easily integrated into PDM / ERP systems.



Reducing design time and minimising errors occurring in production will significantly reduce furniture manufacturing costs. Together with WOODEXPERT your company becomes more competitive on the market.

Error reduction

Error reduction

The extensive collision detection function enables the identification of structural flaws already at the design stage. Supported by the validation and repair of materials minimizes production errors.



Generators of 2D documentation and material lists offer the advantage of a smooth transition from the design phase to the production phase. In addition to saving time, automating these processes allows you to unify drawing documentation.



The built-in component packaging tool allows the user to optimize packaging materials and the placement of components in the package.



With a SOLIDWORKS subscription, the user gets the ability to generate NC programs for any machine. WOODEXPERT CAM is fully based on the SOLIDWORKS CAM add-on. Our specialists ensure the implementation and commissioning of post-processors adapted to the customer's machine park.



The interface has been designed with the end user in mind. The functional layout makes it easy and intuitive to go through the entire process, from the creation of the design to the generation of production and peripheral data.



All functions related to product design are based on SOLIDWORKS software. The user is able to create and configure products that are based on simple equations and mates.

The advantages of WOODEXPERT

Robustly developed design support module

  • Full compatibility with SOLIDWORKS
  • Adaptation of existing models
  • Easy expansion of the component library based on SOLIDWORKS equations and functions
  • Wide range of options for assigning core and finishing materials
  • Real-time modeling supported by OpenGL preview
  • Simple and functional component definition editor

Drawing generator

  • Very significant time savings - possibility to reduce the time needed to create 2D documentation from 2 days to even 30 minutes
  • Possibility of presenting a component on a WOODEXPERT CAM format
  • Automatic positioning of views and dimensions
  • Unification of documentation in the enterprise
  • Automatic production annotations, such as: grain direction or edgebanding

Independent BOM generator

  • Generation of parts lists and bills of material based on a previously created model
  • Possibility of making cost estimates
  • Contains all data necessary for the production process
  • Possibility of adapting fields to one's own needs
  • Integration with ERP class systems

Integrated CAM

  • Automation of the machining process thanks to the Editable Technological Knowledge Base
  • Accelerate the creation of machining operations thanks to the Automatic Feature Search
  • Work in one consistent CAD/CAM environment
  • Directly update toolpaths after model changes

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  • General

    • What is WOODEXPERT used for

      • WOODEXPERT is a software for 3D furniture design based on the SOLIDWORKS engine. In addition to the design system, it also supports the creation of drawings, material lists and the generation of NC programs.

    • How much space does WOODEXPERT take up on the computer?

      • The basic installation of WOODEXPERT requires 200 MB of free disk space. Beyond that it is recommended to have: 200 MB – built-in component library, 6 GB – SQL Server (if SQL Server is installed on a workstation), 10-50 GB – SOLIDWORKS.

        In addition, it is recommended to install the software on fast SSD drives to enhance the user experience.

    • Why does WOODEXPERT require a SQL database?

      • WOODEXPERT is based on a shared SQL database. This gives the user the ability to share projects and data across the entire organisation. Projects, legends or settings saved on one workstation are available to any user working on the same database.

    • Who develops WOODEXPERT?

      • The software developer is SOLIDEXPERT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., certified distributor of CAD / CAM / PDM / ERP software.

    • Is SOLIDWORKS required for the operation of WOODEXPERT?

      • WOODEXPERT is a program based on the SOLIDWORKS engine and therefore requires an installed SOLIDWORKS program for installation and operation.

    • Who is WOODEXPERT designed for?

      • WOODEXPERT is designed for anyone who wants to automate and shorten furniture design time.

  • Licence

    • How does the licensing of WOODEXPERT work?

      • WOODEXPERT is based on a perpetual license system that is assigned to a workstation. The user, in order to test the software, can also apply for a time-limited licence, which will allow them to get to know the product better before making a purchase.

    • What are the licences for the different modules?

      • The Design, 2D Documentation and BOM modules are included in a single licence, ensuring no additional costs for the user. The CAM license is provided separately as part of a SOLIDWORKS subscription or for a small fee as a perpetual license.

    • How can I test WOODEXPERT?

      • To access the free trial version, contact us via the contact form on the website. Our consultants will assist you in downloading and implementing the software.

    • How long can I test WOODEXPERT?

      • The test period of the software is customised after prior consultation with the sales department. For a personalised offer, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

  • Installation

    • Can I use WOODEXPERT without a SQL server?

      • WOODEXPERT enables sharing of data across an entire organization. It is based on a SQL database that requires a “SQL server” to be installed. Therefore, at least one SQL server is required in order to work with WOODEXPERT.

    • Which SOLIDWORKS versions are supported by WOODEXPERT?

      • The most current version of WOODEXPERT supports the last two versions of SOLIDWORKS. Example: WOODEXPERT 2022 will support SOLIDWORKS 2022 and 2021. The exception is the first version of WOODEXPERT, which supports up to three versions of SOLIDWORKS: 2021, 2020 and 2019.

    • Where can I download WOODEXPERT from?

      • You can download WOODEXPERT from the link provided by the sales department after contacting us via the contact form on our website.

    • Where can I download the WOODEXPERT library from?

      • The WOODEXPERT library can be downloaded from the link provided by the sales department after you have made contact via the contact form on our website.

    • Hardware and system requirements

      • Hardware Requirements:

        RAM: 16GB or more 

        Processor: 3.3GHz or faster

        Graphic Card: List of certified cards

        Disk SSD required for optimal operation

        (same as for SOLIDWORKS: System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS)

        Operating system:

        For SOLIDWORKS 2019/2020 – Windows 7 / Windows 10

        For SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Windows 10

        For SOLIDWORKS 2022 – Windows 10/11

        * Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 required for server products (e.g. SOLIDWORKS PDM)

        Microsoft SQL:

        Supported versions of MS SQL (Express / Standard) – MS SQL 2016 / MS SQL 2017 / MS SQL 2019

        Required MS Office versions (Excel & Word):

        For SOLIDWORKS 2019/2020 – MS Office 2013 / MS Office 2016 / MS Office 2019

        For SOLIDWORKS 2021 and 2022 – MS Office 2016 / MS Office 2019

        Internet access is required.

  • Software


Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2005, the company has repeatedly confirmed its knowledge and professionalism in the solutions offered.

Ryszard Bedynek
Head of IT Department

Over many years of cooperation, SOLIDEXPERT has demonstrated high qualifications in its operations. We can count on support in operating the software, training, as well as technical consultations.

Agata Wenglorz-Dorosz

Since 2018, we have been actively cooperating with SOLIDEXPERT in the area of consulting, implementation and maintenance of CAD/CAM/PDM solutions. The cooperation during the entire sales and implementation process was successful. Solutions provided by SOLIDEXPERT are fully used and developed.

Małgorzata Wronkowska-Kokot
President of the Management Board

The support in terms of technical assistance and commercial discussions are of the highest level. We can definitely recommend SOLIDEXPERT as a partner of SOLIDWORKS solutions in Poland.

Sylwia Koszela
Project Director

Since 2005, we have been actively working with SOLIDEXPERT in consulting, implementation and maintenance of SOLIDWORKS software. In these matters we could always count on reliable and professional assistance.

Arkadiusz Sobkowiak
Research and Development Director

SOLIDEXPERT made effort to learn about our needs and offered a solution that fully met our expectations. We are pleased to recommend SOLIDEXPERT as a trusted business partner.

Wojciech Sobczak

At every stage of the project implementation, we felt the support and commitment of the SOLIDEXPERT team. With WOODEXPERT, we optimized our design and production activities. We strongly recommend the company for cooperation.

Janusz Czajka
Managing Director