9 reasons why you must have a look at WOODEXPERT

Another product on the market, another advertising campaign suggesting that you “must have it”, and you’re still wondering if it’s really worth it? So to the point – why should you pay attention to our latest 3D CAD furniture design software WOODEXPERT?


This is one of the most important reasons why our furniture design application should be on your list of utilities to test. WOODEXPERT makes designing in 3D CAD environment and creating 2D documentation fast and efficient – among other things thanks to the use of a database of ready-made elements and their easy editing. Automation is the key to recovering about 60 % of your standard working time, and for more complex projects you can reduce working time from as little as 2 days to 30 minutes. Have we managed to pique your interest? Let’s move on to the second reason.



In competing solutions creating components is based on a complicated library, and giving them logic requires a lot of skill and knowledge of basic programming. Our library allows for simple creation of components without the use of scripts. Quick and easy expansion, simple editing – you gain time. All of your box furniture can be created from scratch by adding further components from the library. The created design can be easily saved in the library and used as a starting element in the future.


The vision of problematic integration of systems and devices can deter from investing in a new product or service, even if the benefits would be measurable. In the case of WOODEXPERT there is no question of troubles related to integration with PDM and ERP systems functioning in the enterprise. The software was created to perfectly fit into the Industry 4.0 trend, hence the very flexible character of the BOM module.


With the very flexible and easy to use BOM module WOODEXPERT gives the user the possibility to generate extensive production documentation, technical reports, material lists and create cost estimates according to his needs – with such data and formatting as he wishes. This avoids many problems in production when implementing a new system.


Speaking of integration, it is necessary to mention that the furniture design program WOODEXPERT was created on the basis of the powerful 3D SOLIDWORKS engine and is fully compatible with it. Every user of WOODEXPERT gets a solution prepared on the basis of a program whose popularity and position on the market of CAD / CAM solutions is unquestionable.


The function of technological collision detection and validation of materials and geometry ensure protection against manufacturing errors already in the early phase of prototyping. Each furniture model is verified for correct materials, textures and processing. Less errors – less waste. The machining and collision check is our proprietary mechanism for pointing out potential errors or shortcomings in its design to the user, for example, what cannot be drilled.


Reducing design time, bringing the process of generating 2D documentation down to a single user click in the application and eliminating production errors already in the initial stages of prototyping reduce business costs. The investment in the software not only pays for itself quickly, but is also pure profit in the long term.


The extensive settings of WOODEXPERT make it possible to unify the working environment in every company. The administrator gets the possibility to unify the design system, the way of managing materials or the rules of creating homogeneous 2D documentation. It is worth mentioning here the efficient generation of reports, technical documentation and a tool for cost estimation that allows to abandon tedious work on excel sheets in favour of coherent company documentation.


The WOODEXPERT user can generate NC programs for any machine, including HOMAG, BIESSE, IMA, SCM. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of WOODEXPERT with SOLIDWORKS CAM. Our specialists have been writing and modifying postprocessors adapted to the customer’s machine park for many years. The WOODEXPERT user also has access to a knowledge base that contains important information on such topics as tools, fixtures, properties, machining strategies and operations. And the list of reasons why the furniture industry should look at our latest product with interest doesn’t end there – more on that soon.

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