We have prepared a step-by-step video for you showing how the entire WOODEXPERT design process is executed for a chest of drawers. On the right side of the screen, at the top, there is a clock indicating real duration of the individual process steps. Subsequent episodes coming soon, including: generation of 2D documentation, reports and cost estimates and CNC machines.

WOODEXPERT is a professional CAD software for the design and creation of furniture integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment. Owing to WOODEXPERT, the process of designing furniture and preparing its production to gathers pace and gains a completely new quality. With us, you increase your business’s competitiveness in the market by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The program consists of four integrated modules which, by automation of the design engineer’s actions, save on average approx. 60% of working time. It is worth mentioning in particular the drawing generator – by using this function you are able to shorten the 2D furniture documentation process to less than 30 minutes.

The program is based on a shared SQL database, so that anyone in your organisation has permanent remote access to design data – regardless of one’s position. The BOM contains a complete set of production-related data and a wide range of abilities to generate reports and prepare cost estimates.

Please subscribe our YouTube channel – you will find next episodes of our series and videos presenting the key functionalities of our solution there.

We also invite you to carry out a free software test. For those of you who are short of time (the more you should be interested in our solution), we will prepare a presentation (also online) during which not only we will show the whole furniture design process, but we will let you test WOODEXPERT free-of-charge.

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Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2005, the company has repeatedly confirmed its knowledge and professionalism in the solutions offered.

Ryszard Bedynek
Head of IT Department

Over many years of cooperation, SOLIDEXPERT has demonstrated high qualifications in its operations. We can count on support in operating the software, training, as well as technical consultations.

Agata Wenglorz-Dorosz

Since 2018, we have been actively cooperating with SOLIDEXPERT in the area of consulting, implementation and maintenance of CAD/CAM/PDM solutions. The cooperation during the entire sales and implementation process was successful. Solutions provided by SOLIDEXPERT are fully used and developed.

Małgorzata Wronkowska-Kokot
President of the Management Board

The support in terms of technical assistance and commercial discussions are of the highest level. We can definitely recommend SOLIDEXPERT as a partner of SOLIDWORKS solutions in Poland.

Sylwia Koszela
Project Director

Since 2005, we have been actively working with SOLIDEXPERT in consulting, implementation and maintenance of SOLIDWORKS software. In these matters we could always count on reliable and professional assistance.

Arkadiusz Sobkowiak
Research and Development Director

SOLIDEXPERT made effort to learn about our needs and offered a solution that fully met our expectations. We are pleased to recommend SOLIDEXPERT as a trusted business partner.

Wojciech Sobczak

At every stage of the project implementation, we felt the support and commitment of the SOLIDEXPERT team. With WOODEXPERT, we optimized our design and production activities. We strongly recommend the company for cooperation.

Janusz Czajka
Managing Director