Processing allowances in the furniture industry differ in their characteristics and complexity from other industries – most CAD programs do not even provide for such a feature. In the article describing the material legends we have indicated a location where default allowances are defined for different material types. This article explains how the “Edit allowances” function works.

Standard processing allowances by default are assigned to the materials in the legend, but it is often necessary to change them for each element separately. In this case, you can use the “Edit allowances” function which not only allows you to edit, but also reassign them.

The Property Manager allows the user to change the default allowances of the support material on individual edges (Front, Back, Left, Right) and its general allowances. They are previewed thanks to OpenGL visualisation which has previously been implemented in such games as Age of Empires or Call of Duty.

The WOODEXPERT user also has the ability to control the allowances of finishing materials, giving them either individually or collectively a general allowance.

An interesting option is also the possibility to control the angle of graining of the material which along with the allowances will appear in the drawings and in the bills of materials.

Please watch a video presenting how you can edit allowances in WOODEXPERT.

Marcin Jórasz, WOODEXPERT specialist

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