Trends and Predictions in Furniture Design: an overview of what’s new and what’s next

Rest, health and work-life balance, Let’s talk about trends and predictions in the furniture design in 2023.

Trends and Predictions in Furniture Design

Furniture trends get more interesting and less violent every year. They are rather a smooth continuation of the trends of several years, more elaborated and polished. Thanks to the development of the furniture design, furniture manufacturing, design and production software are also developing. So what awaits us in 2023 in the world of furniture?

1. aesthetic home office area

Remote and hybrid work are no longer unusual in the business world. Due to this nature of work, connections and video communication are a daily occurrence. Wanting to maintain brand professionalism, employees rely on ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing workstations. In the addition to ergonomics, office furniture offerings are also developing in design and color because of this. The need to adapt office furniture of private apartments and houses, will certainly develop this segment of the furniture production due to the variety of the desk dimensions.

2. organic forms

Furniture trends are linked to social changes in terms of reducing stressors and creating a cozy atmosphere in the residence. This is not limited to the bedroom area. In this case, organic, edgy and rounded shapes used in sofas, fronts, countertops and other interior design elements together create a muted and cozy atmosphere.

3. new minimalism

Caring about sustainability does not mean austerity in design. The new minimalism is frugal furniture form, warm colors and harmonious textures. Also important in the minimalism trend is its functionality: ingenuity in terms of furniture mobility and variety of use, modularity and making the most of storage space. Naturalness of the material and its biodegradability: this is also a trend that is very important in minimalism.

4. vintage

In 2023, we can also see a clear return to the aesthetics of the 1970s: iconic low chairs, expansive sofas and lounge seating areas, an emphasis on accessories and distinctive colors. It is the lounge areas and the division of the room into specific usable sections that can most clearly be seen as inspired by this era in 2023.

5. stylish and functional storage

Current trends determine solutions to make the organisation in each room as thoughtful and functional as possible, with as few items as possible outside. Designers are faced with the task of utilizing every possible space in a thoughtful manner.

Watch: Think in 3D – new quality of furniture modeling

What trends can we expect in the near future?

Current social trends increasingly emphasize the importance of rest, health and work-life balance. We can certainly expect even more interesting solutions from furniture manufacturers in terms of:

  • home office
  • home video recording zones (development of social media)
  • emphasis on relaxation zones
  • variety of milling of cabinet fronts
  • furniture adapted to the placement of plants
  • biodegradability and ecology of furniture materials
  • design that soothes our nervous system.

All the trends mentioned, you can make in our WOODEXPERT, furniture design and manufacturing software. What do you gain by testing the program free of charge in your company for 30 days?

  • automatic generation of full production documentation
  • receipt of dimensioned 2D drawings in several seconds
  • create any piece of furniture to measure.

These are just some of the features listed. Download the demo and discover the rich palette of furniture design possibilities.

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